Working Group: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


          Liseth Perez Alvarado          Paula E.Galindo           Paula  T. Pintos        Fernanda Charqueño

We are extremely happy to have for the first time a working group that has as overall goal to promote equity, diversity and inclusion during the IAL-IPA Joint Meeting 2022 taking place from November 27th to December 1st in Bariloche, Argentina. Our working group will closely cooperate with the IAL-IPA 2022 local organizing committee and together we would like to demonstrate the commitment of our scientific community to equity, diversity and inclusion. Promoting inclusive and a respectful communication are fundamental for scientific research and collaborations, as well as to solve the world’s biggest environmental problems. Some of our first tasks will be to approach session conveners and make suggestions on (1) using inclusive language during the conference, and (2) supporting gender parity and inclusion of underrepresented participants in academia, especially during oral presentations. In addition, we have organized the session “FS7 – Beyond just research data: The value of outreach, education, equality, diversity and inclusion around lakes” for those who are already active in related activities or are planning to. Come join us! You can submit an abstract for this session in addition to your scientific contribution. You are invited to share your experiences and participate in interesting discussions beyond just research data.

If you have further ideas or would like to engage yourself, contact us! Together we can create a respectful and inclusive atmosphere during the conference.