Registration will be possible after paying the Conference fees. Please check below the different options for payments. 

Registration fees will cover lunches, morning and afternoon refreshments, mid-Conference activities, the Icebreaker and the Gala Dinner. 

Argentine Residents

Late registration 

For information about fees for Argentine participants please contact the Organizing Committee
Payment shall be made through bank transfer to:
Banco HSBC
Titular: Fundación José A. Balseiro
Cuenta Corriente en pesos: 6813202895
CBU: 1500681500068132028950
CUIT: 30-62600060-2

Registration form Argentine Residents

Non-Argentine Residents

Late registration 

For non Argentine participants , payment can be made by bank transfer or Paypal.

Information for bank transfer:

Account number: 25 604 40609
Account holder: Jose A Balseiro Inc
Bank of America
Address :4213 First Street, 94551 Livermore, CA, USA
Phone number: (925) 833 9588
ABA Routing Number: 121000358

PayPal option:

Professional Late Registration

USD 420

Postgraduate Late Registration

USD 250

Undergraduate Late Registration

USD 150

Accompanying Person Late Registration

USD 150

Registration form Non- Argentine Residents

Due to the increase of COVID and influenza cases worldwide, we strongly recommend the use of face masks during the Conference, specially during the poster sessions. Thanks!