General Information

About San Carlos de Bariloche

Bariloche that in  mapuche  means “people from behind the mountain” is a small city located inside the Nahuel Huapi National Park in Northern Patagonia on the southern margin of the Lake Nahuel Huapi and right on the foothills of the Andes Mountains,  in Argentina.

The National park covers 710.000 ha. It is the lake district area of Argentina with more than 60 glacial lakes and river valleys surrounded by the Subantarctic forest.

The city of Bariloche emerged in the late 1930’s as a major touristic destination for  skiingtrekking, fly- fishing,  and mountaineering related activities. Nowadays, its population is 130.000, this number triples during high season.

Bariloche is the biggest city around the lake followed by Villa La Angostura located  80 km north of Bariloche. For this reason, in a few minutes you are easily out of the city and walking in the middle of the Subantarctic forest  that meets the Valdivian Forest on the northern part of the National Park where you can find a great variety of native fauna and flora.


Getting to Bariloche

Regular daily flights (5 or more in summertime) from Buenos Aires via LATAM AirlinesAerolíneas Argentinas and lowcost airlines such as Flybondi  and Jetsmart serve the city all year round.  There are also international flights from and to Chile and Brasil depending on the time of the year. So you can go via Buenos Aires or via Santiago de Chile as Bariloche is very close to the Chilean borders. Although It s a long ride from the Northern hemisphere. We assure…you are not going to complain later!

Practical Information

What to know

The climate  in Bariloche is  dry and windy,  specially during summers (from mid-December to early March) and rainy  during Autumn  (from April to June). By June the first snows fall, and winter lasts until early September. The  spring-summer mean  temperatures are between 18 to 26 °C (64 to 79 °F).

Cool things about the city

Beside its popularity for extreme sports and outstanding landscapes, Bariloche is also well-known for its rich gastronomic offer including local Patagonian delights, prepared by the most renowned chefs. The traditional Patagonian lamb, the “curanto”, the local trout and all types of smoked food are some of the most outstanding dishes, along with the elaboration of craft beer and the legendary chocolate, recognized throughout the world for its excellent quality.

Exploring the city

Exploring the city on foot will take a few hours, starting by strolling down “Calle Mitre”, which is lined with lots of little shops for picking up souvenirs and chocolate. Then make your way to the main square, centro cívico (civic center), and cathedral designed by Alejandro Bustillo for a dose of history and architecture. 

Travelers from around the world gather here every day to spend their evenings in the town’s cozy restaurants, bars and comfortable hotels, after long days exploring the surrounding area. The city is well equipped to welcome tourists, with most of the entertainment found on the main street.

Due to the increase of COVID and influenza cases worldwide, we strongly recommend the use of face masks during the Conference, specially during the poster sessions. Thanks!